5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant
Join a free lesson to learn how being a virtual assistant changed my life by giving me freedom and the business I dreamt of.
Who is This Lesson For?
Feeling that you can do more and achieve more?
Engaged in a project, but feeling that you are not living up to your full potential.
Keen to do what you love remotely but not sure where to start?
The idea of a 9-to-5 office job and living a corporate life just does not feel right.

Eager to explore the job trends of the post-pandemic world?
Our life has changed, and so did the job market. Learn about the profession that is going to be in demand for years to come

What Will You Learn?
  • How to have a dream job - which gives freedom to decide when and where to work from?
  • Which mindset is needed in order to succeed with anything in life? Be it business, career, or relationships.
  • What is a Virtual Assistant and how being a VA changed my life?

Tania Gromenko
Entrepreneur and Coach
  • Managing 3 businesses
  • Virtual Assistant for Social Media Services
  • Increased her Income 20 times in 2021
  • Coaching startups and entrepreneurs
  • Based in Singapore since 2016
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